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Liverpool City Region Cycle Parking Guidance

Cycle parking is a crucial component of building a world class cycle network. Highquality, secure and convenient cycle parking at home, work, and everywhere in between influences the decision on whether to cycle or not. This Cycle Parking Guidance explains the best way of providing and maintaining cycle parking across the Liverpool City Region. Find out more


Make Space for Girls

Make Space for Girls campaigns for facilities and public spaces for teenage girls. Parks, play equipment and public spaces for older children and teenagers are currently designed for the default male. It’s time to make space for girls. Find out more


Sustrans Walking and Cycling Index Data Tool

Our Walking and Cycling Index dashboards allow you to explore and compare data in much more detail. They include: i) data from 18 cities, regions and boroughs across the United Kingdom and Ireland, ii) different dashboards showing what people think, what people do and the infrastructure around them, iii) demographic data to understand different groups Find out more


Green Social Prescribing Toolkit

The Green Social Prescribing Toolkit reflects on the process of implementing the Green Social Prescribing programme and shares some of the learning and insights. Many aspects of the learning will be more widely applicable and relevant than the mental health focus of this programme. Find out more


20 Minute Neighbourhood Guide

The idea of the '20-minute neighbourhood' (also know as 15-minute cities) has grown with interest around the world, especially since the COVID-9 pandemic put a spotlight on the importance of the liveability of where we live. Find out more


Sport England Active Design

As part of our drive to create an active environment, Active Design wraps together the planning and considerations that should be made when designing the places and spaces we live in. It's about designing and adapting where we live to encourage activity in our everyday lives, making the active choice the easy choice. Find out more


Sustrans Walking and Cycling Index Tool

Sustrans have launched A breakthrough tool that uniquely analyses localised data and public behaviours and attitudes towards walking and cycling the Sustrans walking and cycling index data tool will provide expert insight to policymakers in local and national government campaigners researchers and the general public. Find out more